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Applications Notes and Manuals

The following application notes are available as *.pdf files. You will need the widely available acrobat reader to view these files.

Ultrasonic Phase and Group Velocity Measurements

The document above is provided to try to clarify a common problem we see from our customers regarding to measurements of phase and group velocity with RITEC instrumentation.

L-Matching the Output of a RITEC Gated Amplifier to an Arbitrary Load

This note gives information about matching transmitter impedances to both EMATs and piezo-electric transducers. The use of RITEC Gated Amplifiers is discussed.

Winding Solenoid Inductors for use in High Power Matching Networks

Information about winding coils with an air or non-ferromagnetic core to avoid saturation and easily fabricate almost any inductance value.

Operating Instructions and Instrumentation Notes

Operating Instructions: FDK Filter Diplexer

Operating Instructions: PAS-0.1-20 Pre-Amplifier

Operating Instructions: RA-6 High Power Fixed 6dB Attenuator

Operating Instructions: RA-30 High Power Switchable Attenuator

Operating Instructions: RA-31 High Power Switchable Attenuator

Operating Instructions: RA-32 High Power Switchable Attenuator

Operating Instructions: RDX-6 Diplexer

Operating Instructions: RDX-EM2 Diplexer

Operating Instructions: RT-50 High Power 50 Ohm Termination

Operating Instructions: RT-150 High Power 150 Ohm Termination

Operating Instructions: SS-40 Signal Sampler

Operating Instructions: RS-5 Signal Selector

Operating Instructions: Peripheral Power Supply Model RPS-2